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My Fairy Tale Wedding

30 Sep

I can’t believe it has almost been two years since we got married, it’s amazing how time flies so fast, now we have a beautiful baby and live in Newport Beach. I can’t believe how far we’ve got since I first met my husband.



This photo was taken the night he proposed to me at Beach House on Cardiff.. best night of my life ❤Image


Our engagement photo shoot session in Casco Viejo, Panama City






Our enormous wedding cake…Image

This was our dancing with the stars dance we practiced for almost three months…



Our trip to Bali and Japan!

25 Sep

Two year before I graduated my husband and I started saving some money to buy around the world tickets, that was our dream, but just about I graduated I got a job, so we had to cut down our original planned trip around the world to three weeks! Since we always wanted to go on a surftrip to Bali that was the first place that came into our minds so we booked our flight and let the adventure begin…


That’s me excited running to the airplane…Image

We had a layover in Japan and decided to stay for a few days.. we loved it!


Checking out all the surf spots


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Wine tasting at Temecula

18 Sep

This weekend my husband surprised me and took me to Temecula to celebrate my birthday and it was amazing! We did the whole wine tasting/tour of the vineyard and then took a horseback riding tour at sunset time..cannot complain!







Apple season at Julian!

18 Sep

Last weekend we decided to take a road trip to Julian. If you’ve never been there before you should definitely take a trip out there because is gorgeous. September – October is a good time of the year to go pick apples and eat a delicious Apple Pie in Main Street.

ImageHere we are in front of Mom’s — known for making one of the best apple pies in the world!Image

Mouth watering apple pie! Yummm….

ImageIntroducing Sophia for the first time to horses!

ImageSophia and her daddy at the orchard picking some delicious apples.






9 months and beyond

17 Sep

It was a year exactly when I found out we were having a baby girl. And I never knew motherhood could be such an amazing journey. Our little girl, Sophia Marie, is 7 months today and we couldn’t be happier.

ImageHere’s a photo of me 9 months pregnant enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with my friends.

ImageMy husband and I with baby Sophia with just minutes of being born.


Sophia got at OUr Lady of Mount Carmel with 5 days old. We were taking advantage of having our whole family together (Panama and USA) to witness this great milestone.Image

Sophia and our chihuahua Chela taking a nap together, they’ve been BFFs since they met.



Sophia 3 months old

ImageSophia and me – 6 months old

To be continued…




Hello world!

16 Sep

This blog will be about me, Stephanie Castagnet.

I was born and raised in Panama (Central America), I’m a horse riding aficionado and adrenaline junkie, from wakeboarding to snowboard and surfing. When I turned 18 I moved to San Diego, California to go to college, here’s where I met my husband, he was a wakeboarding instructor at Mission Bay Aquatic Center and I was taking a class for credit.

I graduated from San Diego State and got my BA with a Major on Integrated Marketing Communications in 2009 and got my first real job straight out of college at Quiksilver doing marketing for Latin America, where I’m currently working.

I love traveling and have been to the most amazing places in the world, I truly can’t complain. Last year when I found out I was pregnant I took a trip to the Sahara Desert where I realized how blessed I was and realized my life had just begun.

I’ve put together a bucket list of everything I want to do before I die and I would like to base this blog on everything I’ve already accomplished and what I’m looking forward in doing.

Hope you enjoy the journey.



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